In the month of June we invited the youth in our community to come and serve with us at Joy Mission Center rather than sitting at home in front of a television or computer screen. They were known as our Magnolia Park Interns. Having our youth serve with us was, by far, the best part of our summer! They learned how to work hard and serve their own community. They participated in our daily Bible studies, prayer walks, and prayer times before we started each ministry. They had the opportunity to meet a lot of different people because we had 7 college interns (most here from out-of-state), and each week a new church group would come to serve at Joy. They learned to persevere when they were tired. They watched the more mature Christians suffer with their hope in Christ, and lift one another up when things got hard. The youth learned to prepare for and lead in our children’s programs. They played with small children and heard stories from senior adults. Most importantly, we had the opportunity to walk in daily discipleship with them, fitting in gospel conversations and encouraging them to follow Christ.