Top Row (L-R): John, Cris, Abigail, LauraAnne, Aly, Parks, Kene, Dominique
Bottom Row (L-R): Sam, Canton, Jessy, Ana, Josh

Our Summer Missionaries arrived on Tuesday, May 28th and we are so excited! This summer we have 13 missionary interns (known as critters) from Nigeria, Honduras, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. These missionaries are college students that are given the opportunity to serve MCH during the summer through their state’s Baptist Convention and Student Collegiate ministries.

After three days of training where they learned all about Mission Centers, the Missionaries were divided into teams and sent to their respected centers to learn more about the programs they would be leading. The first full week the missionaries shadowed the center directors and by the end of the week they were ready to lead each program on their own. Throughout the rest of the summer, each missionary is assigned a program that they will be responsible for. Each of them will lead the program with the help of each other. They will also help lead multiple youth groups that come each week and serve at MCH.

During the summer we are able to reach more of the community. Having the summer missionaries with us is a great help to make relationships with those we serve. This allows us to build on the relationships that were made and continue them throughout the rest of the year. Please pray with us for the summer missionaries that while they serve they will continue to grow in Jesus. Pray for safety, strength, and health for each missionary. Pray that the team will be unified in Christ. And lastly, we ask that you will pray the the Lord will provide everything we need this summer from summer meals so that we can feed all of our missionaries to finances.