Our Core Values

We follow God’s Word without compromise

His Word is truth, and the truth sets everyone free

Prayer precedes everything we do

It’s the link that connects us to the power of God 

We act on faith as God leads – no matter what

We’ll never insult God with doubt, fear or safe living

We extend grace to others, just like God extends to us

It is not something that can be earned.  It is just given freely.

We give up things we love for the One we love more

Jesus is first.  Others are second.  We are third.


We do whatever it takes to reach people for Christ

The Great Commission is not the great suggestion

We do what’s needed, not what’s easy

God is always at work so we’re always ready to respond

We treat every person with honor, dignity and respect

We show no partiality to anyone because God doesn’t

We practice radical hospitality with joy and vigor

We roll out the red carpet for anyone and everyone

We will always remember to say ‘Thank you!’

We make it a priority to show gratitude to God and the ones He uses to bless us