About NE Houston Restoration

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite and mobilize churches, organizations and individuals to reach people in N.E. Houston who are still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, both physically and spiritually. We are helping meet these needs by ~

  1. Reaching out into the community through our After Harvey Resource Fairs. At these fairs we have people from various organizations (Harris County Community Service Dept, Lone Star Legal Aid, Legacy Health, Disaster Health Services and many more) who give their time and services to help in these under-funded communities.
  2. Connecting with those families who have unmet needs, through our fairs and through referrals. We then pair them with faith-based disaster case workers who connect them to the resources needed to restore their homes and walk them through the disaster restoration process.
  3. Partnering with local churches to host After Harvey Resource Fairs. This brings people into a spiritual ‘hub’ in their community, some for the first time.  The host church serves as a connection center, where both physical and spiritual needs can be met.  Our prayer is that people are either drawn back to Jesus, or to Him for the very first time… that the church will be their spiritual anchor when Restoration has faded out of the picture.

Our mission is accomplished by the coordination of volunteer efforts through our network and the provision of financial and material resources given by local and national partners.

Although we were formed to help expedite long-term rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, once rebuilding is completed, we intend to maintain our structure to be able to provide a timely and coordinated response to future area disasters.

Our Leadership

Our Staff

  • Jeff ChadwickExecutive Director, Mission Centers of Houston
  • Jim WardNetwork Director, NE Houston Restoration Network

Our Advisory Team

  • Andrew ArmourDevelopment Associate, Pinpoint Commercial LP
  • Bryan ButlerDiscipleship Pastor, Woodlands First Baptist Church
  • Barry St. ClairFounder & President, Reach Out Youth Solutions
  • Dr. Ronald HarrellChairman Emeritus, Ryder Scott Company
  • Joshua HillMissions Associate, Woodridge Baptist Church
  • Duncan McCrannUrban Education Executive
  • Tommy RossonExecutive Director, Houston Responds
  • Jeff SkipperMobilization Pastor, Champions Forest Baptist Church

Our Story

Inspiration is a wonderful thing.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25, 2017. When it quit raining 4 days later, four feet of rain (the equivalent of an average year) had fallen on the greater Houston Area. A storm of this magnitude had never been recorded. Within hours people were making their way through the streets, some by boat, others wading in chest deep water, to check on their neighbors. Donations of food and clothing poured in, volunteers came from all over to help muck out homes of people they had never met. It was a sight to behold. But… life goes on, and the people went home.

Mission Centers of Houston (MCH), a 57-year old inner city mission in Houston with three community centers, weathered the storm, as did nearly all of the residents we serve. That gave MCH the ability to assist in the recovery effort immediately. MCH worked for the first few months after Harvey in the northeast part of Houston helping in the relief effort as much as we could. It didn’t take long to see that it was going to take more… more people, more money and more organization. And prayer, lots of prayer.

When the clean up got underway we saw that there was a growing need for housing volunteer teams from across the United States. Since MCH has space available in our missions and the ability to house teams of people (this is what we do every summer) we began offering our facilities to teams that needed a place to stay while helping with the clean up.

A Disaster Relief Fund to receive donations to help people who were affected by Harvey was also set up. Many churches and organizations, both in Houston and out of state, began sending food, toiletries and cleaning supplies to be distributed to anyone in need. MCH used those donations to serve at least 1,000 people during September alone at both the Joy and Gano Mission Centers. Houston area churches also began coming to MCH directly to house teams of volunteers, so they provided lodging from September through December at both centers.

Through the fall and into the winter, MCH continued to serve those who had been hit with disaster as well as meet the daily needs of their own community… and to prayerfully seek God’s direction. What was He asking us to do next? We mucked out homes, provided food and clothing, tried to ‘connect’ projects with people who could help, but there was so much more that needed to be addressed.

In October MCH began a partnership with Henderson Hills Baptist Church of Edmond, Oklahoma. MCH would provide lodging for their mission teams while they performed relief and recovery work. During one of those trips their leader and our MCH Executive Director did a survey of the flood damage in NE Houston. After learning that there were thousands of uninsured homeowners in these under-resourced communities who were displaced from their homes and not receiving any assistance, we decided to narrow our focus. Henderson Hills would continue to send teams and MCH would continue to house them and utilize those funds donated to disaster relief for the recovery work through November.

December 2017… MCH didn’t have any volunteer teams to oversee the work needed. There was no network to call on and no one coordinating the work in NE Houston. So, using donated disaster relief funds, we hired a temporary part-time Disaster Relief Coordinator to oversee the work and used paid contracting crews.

Subsequently several homes were finished out, including drywall floating, texturing and painting, trim work, and installation of new kitchen cabinets, plumbing and light fixtures.

Inspired by the network of organizations that MCH has been involved with to aid in disaster recovery, inspired by the willing hands and hearts that have volunteered, inspired by the excitement of those who had been praying for God to move and make known His plan, inspired by the stories of restoration… both material and spiritual, NE Houston Restoration was born.

Most don’t realize that there are thousands of people whose homes have not been repaired, who continue to struggle with red tape and bureaucracy, who still have not recovered from Hurricane Harvey. There is so much work to be done! In the areas that NE Houston Restoration is working, FEMA reports over 40,000 homes were damaged by Hurricane Harvey and city statistics in those zip codes show very few had flood insurance. Over a year after Harvey and there are still thousands of the homes waiting to be repaired.

Due to the concentration of damage in the northeast part of Houston and the ministry of Mission Centers in this area already, it was decided to join the Houston Responds Network in an effort to continue to reach out to those who are in need of relief assistance. NE Houston Restoration is an arm of Mission Centers of Houston that was formed for this purpose. We are here to help coordinate volunteers, churches, organizations and businesses in disaster recovery efforts and to reach out and assist those in need in the NE Houston community.

God has honored our prayers and blessed our efforts beyond expectations… He is so good! NE Houston Restoration has been able to hire a full time Network Director as well as a Recovery Management Coordinator, a Household & Community Recovery Manager and a Volunteer Management Coordinator.

  • We are continuing to serve those in the community that are in need.
  • We are reaching out into the NE Houston community to coordinate volunteers, churches, businesses and organizations in their recovery efforts. By working with churches in the affected areas, NE Houston Restoration has committed to meeting the spiritual as well as the physical needs of those in our community.
  • We are working to connect people with their local church because we all need a spiritual anchor.
  • We are building relationships that will stand the test of time and future disasters.
  • We are dedicated to providing timely response to future area disasters. The relationships we are building within the community give us the opportunity to work on both preparedness and response. You cannot plan for a disaster, but you can be ready when it happens.

If you feel that God is leading you to join us in our efforts, there is a place for you! We are thrilled to welcome individuals as well as groups to volunteer. If your Small Group or Ministry Team would like to sign up for a project, we believe you will be blessed! Contact us today… be a part of the Restoration.