Mission Partnerships

At Mission Centers of Houston our staff works to help provide for the physical and spiritual needs of people living in Houston’s inner city. Through mission partnerships we serve as a network and conduit for local churches and organizations in the Houston area and throughout the United States to be involved in mission work in urban Houston.

Groups can be of any size and be involved in many ways. Local groups can partner with us in our ongoing weekly ministries, such as Food Pantry, Kids Club, Youth Club, Senior Adults, and maintaining our facilities in good working order. We also welcome families and all ages – there is a place for everyone to be on mission with us. In the summer Mission Centers of Houston is a popular destination for youth groups.

All groups, whether local or not, can lodge on site to serve for a day, several days or longer. Examples of the mission work that are done by mission partners during those times involves outreach events, repairs and maintenance of our facilities, involvement with our weekly activities, and multi-day programs for kids and youth.

To inquire about a mission partnership or to check available times when your group can join us on mission in Houston, please email Cheryl Chadwick at Cheryl@missioncenters.org

We also welcome financial partnerships to help us continue our mission work. Please contact Jeff Chadwick at Jeff@missioncenters.org to discuss our financial needs or click here to make a donation.