At Mission Centers of Houston our staff works to help provide for the physical and spiritual needs of people living in Houston’s inner city. Through mission partnerships we serve as a network and conduit for local churches and organizations in the Houston area and throughout the United States to be involved in mission work in urban Houston.

Groups can be of any size and be involved in many ways. Local groups can partner with us in our ongoing weekly ministries, such as Food Pantry, Kids Club, Youth Club, Senior Adults, and maintaining our facilities in good working order. We also welcome families and all ages – there is a place for everyone to be on mission with us. In the summer Mission Centers of Houston is a popular destination for youth groups.

All groups, whether local or not, can lodge on site to serve for a day, several days or longer. Examples of the mission work that are done by mission partners during those times involves outreach events, repairs and maintenance of our facilities, involvement with our weekly activities, and multi-day programs for kids and youth.

To inquire about a mission partnership or to check available times when your group can join us on mission in Houston, please email Cheryl Chadwick at

We also welcome financial partnerships to help us continue our mission work. Please contact Jeff Chadwick at to discuss our financial needs or click here to make a donation.

Hear what our partners have to say.

Joshua Hill

Missions Associate at Woodbridge Baptist Church

The Mission Centers of Houston have been a great ministry partner with Woodridge Baptist Church for well over 10 years now. The reason we continually choose to lock arms with our brothers and sisters at the mission centers isn’t because we’re both a part of the UBA (Though we’re proud of that!), it’s because we can see that the men and women serving there have a missionary’s heart for our city. In addition to supporting them financially, MCH is also a great place for our members to volunteer. Whether it be through their discipleship programs, English classes, or the food pantry, Houstonians’ needs are being met every single day. We know this brings joy to God, and it brings joy to us too! That’s why the Mission Centers are our number one partner in the city.

Bryan Butler

First Gen/Operations Pastor at The Woodlands First Baptist Church

Mission Centers of Houston has given our church the opportunity to serve those in our community with limited capacity. We have helped feed those who are hungry, and provided resources and services through Mission Centers of Houston. We have had teams of volunteers who have helped in remodeling houses and center facilities. Having a place where our members can put “hands and feet” to work in our local community has been a blessing. We are so grateful for the ministry and commitment of Mission Centers to the deserving neighborhoods and people they serve.

Omar C. Garcia

Missions Pastor at Kingsland Baptist Church

Mission Centers of Houston is strategically positioned through their centers to do what Jesus did best - move in the direction of people in need. Through their weekly programs, outreach initiatives, food pantries, and more they are making a difference. And because they have developed a Christlike reputation wherever they serve, people in need confidently move in their direction, knowing they will find help, healing, and hope in Jesus. We at Kingsland consider it a privilege to invest both human and financial resources in the work of Mission Centers of Houston. We are grateful for our partnership in the gospel to reach the Greater Houston Area with the love of Christ.

Lezlie Armour

Missions Minister at Champion Forest Baptist Church

Champion Forest Baptist Church has partnered with Mission Centers of Houston for many years. We agree with what they stand for…who they are in Christ. The opportunities to serve are limitless. Our people have volunteered at MCH in the pantry, in weekday programs, at Thanksgiving, feeding the community, working with summer missionaries, helping with the annual golf tournament to raise funds and more. In every instance we have seen our members become more involved in other mission efforts as well as MCH. MCH whets their appetite for missions involvement. Partnering with the centers is a great investment for CFBC.

Peter Lee

Minister of Connection & Mobilization – Houston’s First Baptist Downtown

It takes the entire body of Christ to go and make disciples, and it has been a joy to partner with Mission Centers of Houston in reaching our city with the gospel. Collaborating with MCH has provided an opportunity for our church members to not only be the hands and feet of Christ, but also to be exposed to what God is doing in some of the most underserved and unreached communities in Houston. We are so grateful for our partnership in the gospel and all of the amazing ways God is using MCH to make disciples!

Dove Harrell

Director – adcetera

I work for a local ad agency, and over the last few years we’ve had teams come to Mission Centers to volunteer at kids club, senior adult events, and the Christmas store. Our employees love working at Mission Centers. Jeff and Cheryl and their staff always make us feel welcomed when we come. They are amazing to work with, and every event we’ve been a part of is very well organized and moves seamlessly. It’s incredible to work with such a wonderful ministry who has a heart for providing for physical and spiritual needs in our community.

Sam Glass

Missions Pastor at Second Baptist Church

Missions Centers of Houston is a trusted and valued partner in ministry. Faithful diligence targeted toward the painful difficulties that our inner-city neighbors face defines the Joy and Gano Missions centers. Missions Centers of Houston has been a light for Christ in these neighborhoods for decades and we are excited about what God will do in the future through this outstanding ministry.

Jeremy Scott

Minister of Missions at Tallowood Baptist Church

Mission Centers of Houston (MCH) has for many years been a valuable and strategic mission partner of Tallowood Baptist Church. MCH efficiently manages resources to advance the gospel, to make disciples, and to serve so many people in under-resourced communities. They are able to do this because of their great love for the communities, their great love for local churches, and their great love of the Lord Jesus. MCH is not ashamed of the gospel. In fact, compassionately sharing the gospel is at the center of all they do. They see the peoples whose lives are changed as they hear and believe the gospel of our Lord. For well over 50 years, MCH has effectively served because of their great love for all peoples in the Houston communities they serve. MCH has been effective in ministry all these years because of their great love of the Lord Jesus. MCH has been effective because of their great love of the local church. So many local churches have extended their ministry impact through MCH by praying, by giving, and by these sending volunteers to serve these communities with MCH. Tallowood Baptist Church’s experience of partnering with MCH has been amazing. I would encourage any individual and/or church seeking to make an impact in Houston by serving with a great community development ministry to connect with Mission Centers of Houston