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Impacting Houston for 60 Years

The city of Houston issued this proclamation to recognize the life-changing impact Mission Centers...

Seamstress training for the young (and young-at-heart)

Seamstress training for the young (and young-at-heart) Volunteer SHOUT OUT to Donna Dockell, Wilma...

Mildred McWhorter: Obedience In Action

By: April Canik Houston’s inner city in the early 1960s was a harsh contrast to her...

Mission Matters Newsletter – October 2022

Do you know the price of gas in 1962 when we were founded? Take a walk down memory lane in this issue. Read about the blessings generated by volunteers that teach girls and adults the marketable skill of sewing.

Mission Matters Newsletter – September 2022

MCH has seen exponential growth in participation of all ages as a result of a unique ministry with four inner city schools. Working with each ‘wraparound specialist’ has expanded awareness of our programs and exciting life change. You will also enjoy learning more about the early days of the ‘critters’ (college student summer missionaries).

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