Last Year’s Ministry Results

people received food through our food pantries

people received clothing through our Gano clothing distribution ministry

homeless received hygiene items, food, clothing, survival goods, and a weekly meal

approx. 400 different children and youth attended weekly programs throughout the year

Bibles were distributed to children, adults and senior adults

different senior adults attended a weekly program where they received a home-cooked meal, a message from God’s word, and a bag of groceries to take home

food deliveries and visits were made to homebound senior adults

families were blessed through our Christmas Stores at both centers

college summer missionaries served for 9 weeks & 8 college missionaries served at Christmas

people made professions of faith

different women attended weekly empowerment programs and Bible studies

children and adults learned a new skill through the Joy Center Sewing Club

New ministry

New weekly discipleship programs for children, youth and senior adults were started

Compassion Center

Through our new Compassion Center ministry, 25 partners held 87 outreach events, served 8,954 people and recorded 147 faith decisions made

volunteer hours were logged – equivalent to nearly 9 full time staff members for a year!