Receiving leadership training

Immersing themselves in cross-cultural ministry

Getting countless service opportunities in the inner city

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Hear from our past interns.

“I am emailing you to say thank you! I have just returned from Africa, where I was able to minister to over 800 elementary and middle school aged children at 3 different primary schools. Using the skills, ideas and programming I learned during my summer at MCH, I watched these children worship, craft and play all while they learned the word of God. It’s a beautiful to know that the love of Christ transcends all cultural barriers; and the Lord has used you all to touch the lives of children all over the world. I’m so honored to have been an MCH Summer Missionary Intern and to be able to say that my journey in Children’s Ministry started on Gano Street at the Mission Centers of Houston.”

“If you go, be prepared to see God move in you and through you.”

“It was such an amazing summer.  God is truly working in Mission Centers of Houston. I truly felt the pure joy in life.  God worked in me so hard and I am forever thankful!”

“If you go to MCH, be ready to serve with every ounce of yourself physically, spiritually, and mentally and in turn you will find yourself resting in God’s strength.”

“It’s just the best place I could have been for the summer!  Thank you, Mission Centers of Houston, for such a life changing experience.”

“If you get a chance to serve at MCH, absolutely do it! It was the best summer of my life.  The centers are staffed by amazing people of God.  You will fall in love with the community.  It is such an amazing way to experience what the kingdom of God looks like.”

“The staff not only poured into me spiritually, but they gave me so many challenges to grow as a leader as well as disciple maker.”

“God taught me how to be completely dependent on Him, allowing Him to lead me in everything I do. He taught me to pray without ceasing, to read the Word without pause.”

“My experience at MCH is best summarized as “transformative.” I learned and grew in ways that I never anticipated. But most importantly, God’s glory was magnified, and His people were loved. My heart is forever changed, and I know that the Lord will continue to transform Houston just like He will continue to transform me.”

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We currently offer fall, spring, and summer internships at Mission Centers of Houston. Please contact Cheryl.
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