Mission Centers of Houston relies on generous individuals, churches, organizations, and grants to maintain our ministries. Mission Centers is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts to Mission Centers are tax deductible according to IRS guidelines.

There are many opportunities to contribute financially to our organization. Many donors commit to monthly contributions, others support special projects, and some make a significant year-end gift. You may give online or by check.

Please make all checks payable to:
Mission Centers of Houston
P.O. Box 30417
Houston, TX 77249

Give 1 Time

Make a one-time, online donation to Mission Centers of Houston.

Give Monthly

Set up a recurring monthly donation to Mission Centers of Houston.


Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Donation

Make a Disaster Relief Donation to Mission Centers of Houston.  All funds will be used by MCH to assist individuals in their relief and recovery from the impact of Hurricane Harvey.  We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  Your donation is tax deductible according to IRS guidelines.

If you prefer to write a check to eliminate the credit card fees we have to pay you can send a check payable to ‘Mission Centers of Houston’ with the designation ‘Disaster Relief’ in the memo line to:

Mission Centers of Houston, PO Box 30417, Houston, TX 77249

Thank you for your generosity!