We began our day by greeting the youth with a smile and a sausage biscuit as they entered the Gano gym.   After a short breakfast, the youth began making care baskets with love for all our homebound residents and then some. They were all working in unison packaging all the baskets with orange juice, mangos, pears, bananas, and peaches. In all, the youths were able to make 50 care baskets, Made possible by a kind donation made by Points of Light and Generation On. After all care packages were made up, they attached a kind note highlighting that they are loved by someone special.

We drove though the greater Northside of Houston delivering these care baskets, one by one, all the time with smiles on the youth’s faces as we drove on for miles. The youth were all excited and joyous sprinting from the van to the doors of our homebound residents. The youths did not know how much of a difference they were making until they were received by these senior adults with a smile from ear to ear.  The seniors were all saying, “thank you”, “God bless the youth”, and “I’m going to enjoy these goodies”.

We all came back to the Gano Mission Center where we treated the youths to a pizza lunch but soon after they were all saying, “Let’s go!  We have more deliveries!” They were moved by performing these deeds of kindness. Their visits brought joy, comfort, prayer, and many, many smiles to the people we served. Many of our senior adults were likewise touched by this care project.  Due to the fantastic response received from everyone we’ve decided this project was the first of many more to come involving the Northside Youth. To God be the glory!

August 24, 2020

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